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Who cares...

So I'm in the health and wellness industry right? That means not only am I active like erryday, but I keep up on regular visits to the doctor, dentist, masseuse, chiro, physio, and my mom. WRONG. I was the last person to take care of myself first. In fact, I would be the first person to 'treat yo self' after a long week instead of 'take care of yo self'.

Until I crossed paths with a pretty rad guy that happened to be a pretty rad chiropractor. Enter Dr. Alim Kara from Complete Chiro & Sports Therapy. He convinced me to come in for an assessment and then just see what happens. Perfect timing - I tweaked my back poorly putting down a kettlebell (woof. worst. like c'mon). After some voodoo, otherwise known as cupping, a little acupuncture, and some active release on surrounding areas (ahem* glutes always), I literally felt like nothing happened the following day. 

Ok, so then what. Great, it worked. The key? Consistency. After going regularly, we would discuss how my body was working/feeling after the week of teaching and living in general. Then, Dr. Alim would hone in on areas that get utilized frequently. Even if I wasn't necessarily "feeling" anything "wrong", I couldn't believe how a few simple adjustments could impact my movement. Seriously.

This practice taught me that even just the slightest bit of TLC can make a world of difference. Keep watch... I have so much I've learned from the treatments I've had so far.  

Photos by WINJUAN Photography