This spring, we've been fortunate to have a series of killer adventures, with very little time to settle in between. It was only a matter of weeks between getting back from Auz, a quick weekend in Van, then jetting out to Coachella. In that period, we barely had groceries in the fridge, and tried my damndest to make the best decisions when eating out, but somehow ginger beef or chocolate chip cookies always made it into the mix.

When we got back from Coachella, I was determined to hit a lifestyle reset button. This meant actually getting to workouts, sleeping at a decent hour, and most importantly eating better. We chose to do a Juice Because 3-day juice cleanse to jumpstart the healthy train. I've done other cleanses in the past and found that I wasn't successful because some cleanses didn't give me enough nutrients or energy for my active lifestyle. What attracted me to JB's cleanse is that they are advocates for listening to your body - so if you had to eat something, the cleanse police doesn't come after you, actually its pretty normal to nourish your body as it needs.

A few hours into day 1 of the cleanse, Winifrey and I didn't think we could make it. Everywhere we turned, we saw temptation (we live close to a Chinese restaurant and a Shawarma place, and wanted a combination of both for breakfast). It's funny and sad because food was literally all we could think about that morning. Thankfully we had each other to keep in check. Pro Tip: have a cleanse buddy to hype you up the whole time. Also, because we had some pretty full days scheduled, I opted to add a cup of bone broth in the mix for a protein kick and because it was nice to also have something savoury.

JBFAM - 001.jpg

Verdict? Getting through the first day was probably the toughest, mentally. Otherwise, I found myself scrambling to finish all 6 juices by the end of my day. This told me I need to drink/eat more often throughout the day! We got through it, and I felt GREAT. In fact by the end of it, I was going to miss not having think about and prep what I was going to eat because my meal was always ready for me. The effects for me weren't necessarily immediate - I definitely made better food choices, which coupled with a more regular workout regime did WONDERS in the weeks following our cleanse. For the first time in a while, I was feelin' myself, and I went into another Honubelle photoshoot confident for the first time ever. Consistency and mindfulness of choice is key.

I recognize cleansing isn't for everyone, in fact I was against it for so long after having a negative experience. For me, it helped to shift my mindset about what I was choosing to fuel my body with, and like anything, the experience is what I made it to be. Luckily I had the support of my hubz and a daily note from Juice Because cheering me on along the way. Been considering it? I say go, invest, be serious about your intention in cleansing, and see where your journey takes you. Also eat a piece of lettuce or an apple if you need, it's not the end of world.