Is "athleisure" lazy?

Taken in Amsterdam by  WINJUAN Photography

Taken in Amsterdam by WINJUAN Photography

Yes. I mean so is wearing all black. But I do that too.

So really... am I lazy? Maybe. I thank God daily that I don't have to wear real pants, can rock sneaks on the regular, AND still come across as knowing what's up. But I believe the athleisure movement is all about intention. The intention is comfort, the goal is style, the execution is up to you.

Large brands are trying to capitalize something that is a lifestyle for some of us - running to and from sweat classes, still having to look somewhat put together because lesbehonest, you're not grabbing that $5 london fog at the coolest coffee stops because you're in dire need of it. Admittedly, sometimes my post sweat outfits are actually fairly expensive. Throw on a Mackage leather jacket, over my Kit and Ace layer, coupled with my Adidas 3-stripe tights, and all black Ultraboosts = MSRP +$1200, holy shit. Not a humblebrag, but a reality check. Investing in quality pieces still rings true when you're still aiming for function, comfort, and style.