I've been called everything from a fashion stylist, graphic designer, social media fiend and an idea factory, to an instructor, performing arts coach, store manager, brand ambassador, and model (err, that last one I'm still wrapping my head around). So if you really need a title, I am a Creative Consultant.

I have dabbled and had success in many areas where my interests lie. This includes style, retail, fitness, digital marketing, visual arts, performing arts, photography, and design. I have learned that I possess a unique eye for aesthetically beautiful things, and have developed impeccable taste for the cutting edge. 

I believe we live in a world where connections are currency and the need for a visual presence is increasing. As they always have, creatives are trailblazing what the social climate looks like and technology has only expedited this. As such, I believe that everyone is their own unique brand and I would love to find your place in an ever changing digital landscape.

While creating visual and written content is my thing right now, I lead a multi-faceted, full contact life and am open to any of the areas outlined on the pages of this site. Go ahead, explore because really, I just would love the opportunity to create, collaborate and do dope shit - so there's that.


Photo by  Honubelle

Photo by Honubelle